Backers for life.

We are not traditional fund managers. We co-invest as an ecosystem to democratize access to venture capital and ensure fair distribution of value for all stakeholders.


We invest in early-stage ventures and subject matter experts across industry-specific domains through a metered and auditable process based on real-time performance data.


We invest globally across multiple industries. We localize our reach in connected HUBs and entrepreneurial ecosystems, spreading risk over geographic markets.


We unite the east and west to bolster crossover opportunities and tap into the potential of emerging markets, knowledge and talent.

co-investing in innovation

A multi-tier investment ecosystem

Together we co-invest from idea to scale and beyond.

From employees who convert their salary for ESOP certificates to consumers who back a growth company going IPO – we involve retail investors from day 1.

Entrepreneurs love to help entrepreneurs.

  • Sharing their experience and network to accelerate growth.
  • Sharing in risk and success.

Athletes love tech startups.

  • Adding value through utilizing their personal brand and network.
  • We educate and guide athletes in how to create wealth using their own brand.

We facilitate a classical fund structure and access to a global early-stage venture building ecosystem.

Venturerock mitigates risk through:

  • A diversified portfolio and assets strategies.
  • Geographic spread.
  • Local and subject matter expertιse.
  • Full transparency and insights over their allocated capital.

A decade of corporate innovation has shown that corporates need to outsource innovation and disrupt themselves.

We collaborate with corporates on specific verticals and subject matter innovation. With the backing of corporates ventures can:

  • Tap into global and local distribution channels.
  • Accelerate growth through scale of resources.
  • Accelerate innovation and amplify impact.

how we invest

Global digital capital distribution platform. Fully compliant.

We mitigate risk over multiple assets and fund structures – from global to local. From classical closed-end to innovative venture builder studios.


Venturerock Global Fund (Abu Dhabi | ADGM) is cornerstone LP to all portfolios, distributing capital across multiple industry verticals and directly in portfolio ventures post Series A.


Direct investments in industry-specific portfolios, structured around real-world problems, subject matter experts and experienced entrepreneurs.


Series A and beyond investments in Venturerock portfolio ventures, which have been guided to scale through our Venturerock Operating System.

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Our portfolios converge tech for an environmental, economic and social impact. All ventures contribute to achieving UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Co-invest with us

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